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Main Specifications :
Spindle Number Single spindle
Power  2.2KW-28400-R/M1N motor.
Water Pressure  800PH-AC110 L-801
Cylinder Component  HXPC
Pneumatic Pump  2W-160-15
Technical Specifications :
Power  3KW
The Internal Space Capacity  30L
Net Weight  Approx. 368KG
 Dimensions  (L) 123cm x (W) 95cm x (H) 190cm
(the security guard opening height 228cm)

Special Features of High Speed Deflashing Machine

is a process used by the rubber industry to remove flash from molded rubber parts.

Machine Features :

  • Manpower and Material costs saving, not need nitrogen, plastic pellets of blasting and other.
  • Improvements in productivity, product consistency and quality.
  • Touch screen panel, make it easy and convenient to setting and operate.
  • Rubber flashing and burr just Deflashing by Air Pressure and little water only less than 3 minute.

Applicable Rubber Materials and Products :

  • NR, NBR, EDPM, SI, FPM, HNBR, CR, Peroxide materials and etc..
  • O.X, U, V-ring, piece of particular shape product and etc..