Oil-Seal-Vacuum-Molding-Machine  *click image to enlarge
 Type  100 Ton
Stroke  120mm
Working Table  335 x 380mm
Mold Frame Dimensions  346 x 384mm
Piston Diameter  250mm
Electrical Heater  7.2kW
Motor-Single motive power 7.5HP (5.5)-single
Vacuum Pump Motor  3HP (2.2)
Total Power  15kW
Mold Opening Method 2RT: front ejector
3RT: middle mold

Special Features of Oil Seal Vacuum Molding Machine

 1. Vacuum System :

  • Utilizes upward pull motion for hydraulic cylinder in the vacuum hood, which support to provide stability and prevent oil leakage.
  • Uses West Germany vacuum pump for high vacuity and low noise. Imported ball valves are used to offer high flow rate and fast vacuum extraction.

2.  In / Out-Molds :

  • Designed with special Mold Frame devices, it easy and convenient to setting and operate.

3.  Front Ejector :

  • Designed using double-layer oil-less bearings, protected with a dust seal.

4.  Monitoring Design :

  • Allow overall monitoring on machine actions, pressure and flow rate, and warning messages and records.

5.  Hydraulic Circuit Design :

  • Fully proportional hydraulic system is used allowing easy adjustment of pressure and speed.

6.  Electrical Control System :

  • Precise temperature control is achieved using PID calculations, temperature can be adjusted by connecting the man-machine interface.
  • The module saving function includes temperature, pressure/ flow rate, time and function settings.
  • Heating system: user SSR solid relay with fast heat-up without exceeding the limit.
  • Mold calibration: available with slow mode calibration.